R Histories Open Mic Extravaganza

Get involved is this extraordinary two day Open Mic Extravaganza! All about the histories & heritage you love. Friday 7 & Saturday 8 June 2024

As part of the Manchester Histories Festival 2024, we invite everyone to take part in our open mic sessions in the Performance Space, Manchester Central Library.

There are some guidelines:

  • The theme of histories or heritage must run through your slot.
  • The work should fit into a 10-minute maximum time slot when performed.  
  • The work needs to adhere to Article 10, of the Freedom of Speech Act, which means the performance should contain no hate speech or incitement of physical violence and libel against other individuals. 
  • The work can be presented in any language.
  • Must be easy to perform/showcase – no complicated set-ups

If you would like an alternative method to the online form, email info@manchesterhistories.co.uk.

Deadline:29 March 2024

Over 16 years only. 

All you need to do is fill out the form below to tell us your idea and then our team and dedicated volunteers will be in touch to let you know the next steps.

R Histories Open Mic Extravaganza! Manchester Histories Festival 2024

Register your idea for Manchester Histories Festival 2024. R Histories Open Mic Extravaganza! Friday 7th June & Saturday 8th June 2024. Performance Space. Manchester Central Library.

Section 1: Contact Information

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Section 2: Manchester Histories Festival 2024.

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Manchester Central Library. Performance Space.

Section 3: Slot Idea Overview

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What kind of activity is it? E.g. is it a performance, talk, music, poem, dance, reading, research or other? Let us know.

Section 4: Technical support

Please complete this section if your idea requires any technical support. This will have to be light touch as we have limited resources at the library. But there is a screen where you can show films and moving image and microphones so people can hear you.
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Section 5: Permissions and Image Uploading

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Thank you for filling out the form. We value your contribution to the festival. The event will be FREE to all.
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I’m afraid we can’t offer any payment, we are a small charity with a limited budget, but we can provide access costs as required. Let us know in the application form if you have any access requirements. There will be an abundance of tea/coffee and biscuits and your contribution will feature in our programme, online and on our social media channels.