Climate Change on Food Waste

My project is based on “Food Waste”, where it will demonstrate issues and solutions to help reduce it. This page includes pictures and an audio story which highlights and discusses these key outstanding issues. I want to make people aware that it is a problem, and we need to make changes today to reduce the amount of waste.

‘More than 900 million tonnes of food is thrown away every year’.

That astronomical figure only gives us information about a general number. It has progressive issues leading to effects on the climate. It is backed by saying food waste can lead to the loss of biodiversity by affecting the climate, from rising temperatures causing harm to the landscape such as landfill. As well as that, it can also affect food security with less space for agriculture and the appropriate climates for specific foods to be grown.

Overall Aims:

  • Reduce the Amount of Food Being Thrown Away
  • Lower Global Emissions
  • Recyling being More Involved

Food waste usually ends up in our bins even if it’s still usable. Wasted food regardless of its date, can still be perfectly suitable to consume if healthy. If everyone threw away one less item, that could make a huge positive impact on a chain of implications.

Reducing our food waste footprint can involve buying reduced food as it’s still safe to eat while also being cheap. It gets thrown away anyway if not sold so it’s a good part to look at to get an alternative.

Putting all your food together and even reduced food you bought can help to give you meal ideas. Even meal planning with all the produce you buy can help reduce waste as you are then only buying what you need.

Saving spare food is useful as it can be used for other meals or even to compost. Throwing anything extra away is waste and has an overall impact on then environment. Evening buying from local markets for exacts amounts rather than multipacks can help.

Often we all cook a big meal and don’t plan to use all of it in one meal so saving it in tubs or even freezing certain mails can help save them from being thrown away. This can stop having to make a meal for another day which can reduce the amount of food you need to buy.

A fun way to save food is using the service Too Good To Go. It works by you paying a largely discounted price for a mystery bag of food so you can get random items and try new foods for a good price.