Climate Change Stories

As part of Manchester Histories Festival, we were delighted to work with students from Manchester Metropolitan University's Digital Media and Communications Department, as they told us their climate change stories that are affecting them both today, and in the future, through images and audio...

Click on the links below to view all the students’ images, and hear their stories…

Highlighting Hulme’s Local Heroes – Tamia Nelson

Peaceful Protests for Climate Change – Abbie Wagstaff

From Fast Fashion to Sustainable Choices – Sofia Pitrolino

The Future of Food – Milo Wye

Habitat Fragmentation – Jacob Harris

Wasting Away – Chloe Welham

The Road to A Brighter Future – Lily King

Are We Caught In The Web? – Elle Morrison

The Cost of You Coffee – Elliot Davison

Behavioural Change from Plastic to Paper Straws – Sarah Al Wardy

Mining Landfills – Paola Fish

The Wasteful Lifestyle of Students – Jude Corless

The Effect of Meat Consumption on the Climate – Elena Connelly

Climate Change on Food Waste – Henry Dean