Manchester Histories Festival 2024

We are excited to announce how you can be a part of this year's festival on Thursday 6th - Sunday 9th June. Find out more

By Sarah Jones · January 29, 2024

The award-winning Manchester Histories Festival is back for its ninth edition!  

It will be a four-day programme full of events, including music, performances, talks, showcases, vintage vehicles, crafts, food and more. It is a festival for all, which means there are many opportunities for everyone to get involved.  

This year, the biennial festival will also be partnered with The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University, both 200 years old in 2024. Highlights will include a day and evening of public talks, workshops and music exploring sonic sound heritage at Manchester Met on Saturday 8 June and a wonderful Celebration Day will take place in the historic Whitworth Hall and on campus on Sunday 9 June as part of the Universally Manchester Festival. 

Karen Shannon, Chief Executive of Manchester Histories, says, “We are delighted to be back with thisyear’s festival, especially as we work alongside both universities to explore and celebrate 200 years of learning, innovation, and research. Manchester has always had a rich tapestry of histories, each unfolding era revealing both the brightest moments and the darkest chapters of our past. Reflecting and exploring these histories provides an opportunity to appreciate the resilient spirit that has shaped our city and beyond, guiding us towards a future marked by continued learning, growth, and understanding.” 

As a group, historian, cultural organisation, artist or individual, you are all invited to be part of the programme, to share your stories or to put up a stall. 

Be on stage. Do you know something about history that we don’t? We all have a story to tell and histories to share. It could be fascinating, obscure, amusing, geeky, absurd, random, kind, entertaining, or extraordinary. We invite you to take part in the ‘R Histories Open Mic Extravaganza on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 June 2024 at Manchester Central Library. You will get 10 minutes on the stage to perform, play, show, sing, speak, tell, or dance your piece of history that you are passionate about. You must be at least 16 years old to take part. To find out more and apply, fill in the form at:  Deadline Friday 29 March 2024. 

Set up a stall at the Manchester Histories Festival 2024 Celebration Day on Sunday 9 June at the Histories and Heritage Marketplace in the iconic Whitworth Hall. It is a day that promotes and profiles the magnificent work that happens across Greater Manchester and the North West. A chance to celebrate organisations that play a vital role in telling local stories and help to connect people through history, heritage, and cultural activities. To show your interest in having a stall at this stellar event in the iconic Whitworth Hall, please fill in the form at:  Deadline Friday 29 March 2024. 

Are you an emerging / early career artist in Greater Manchester? The It Started with a Seed International Storytelling Festival (IS WAS) is set to launch in June 2024, a collaboration with Manchester Met Arts and Humanities Faculty, Manchester Met Poetry Library, and Manchester Histories. The partnership team is actively seeking to commission four early career artists (you must be a UK resident, living in Greater Manchester or the North West of England and at least 18 years old) to create new work inspired by Manchester Met at 200 years. Welcoming diverse artistic expressions, including poetry, film, audio, art, storytelling, and performance. The commissioned works will be featured at the Manchester Histories Festival 2024. This opportunity is open to all, including students from Manchester Met. 

To find out more and how to apply, visit 

Deadline for submissions: Monday 4 March 2024 

The full programme of events for Manchester Histories Festival 2024 will be announced in spring 2024. The festival will take place across the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and Manchester Central Library.