Hidden Histories Hidden Historians

Manchester Histories worked with communities across Greater Manchester to reveal less familiar histories and heritage, thanks to funding from the National Heritage Lottery Fund .

Young Woman looks through the Hidden histories hidden historians exhibition at Manchester central library
Group of people from the Manchester People First group show their certificates from the Hidden Histories Hidden Historians programme.
Young black man selects his exhibition at the Hidden Histories Hidden Historians exhibition at Manchester Central Library

With the help of experts Oldham Youth Council, Manchester People First, M13 Youth Project, The Inspire Centre and FC United with Sporting Memories delved in to their own histories and archives to form a fascinating exhibition that took place at Manchester Central Library from November 2017 to January 2018.

The five community groups in the project worked to reveal less familiar histories and heritage; that is to say, the histories of the people, buildings, families, communities and places that make our lives. These histories can become ‘hidden’ because they are not always recorded, nevertheless, these important social histories often shape us and the places we live.

See photographs documenting the exhibition and the Celebration Day here

"History didn’t happen to times, dates and places and buildings. It happened within them, and it happened to people. It has happened, and continues to happen, to all of us. Our understanding of history is always richer and more fulfilling with more than one voice or narrative to tell of it."

Heather Roberts  –

Freelance Archivist who worked with the groups on the project

A group of people stood in front of the Danny Steam ship on Salford Quays
Two people in the front cabin of the Danny steam ship one is holding onto the ships wheel

As part of the project Manchester Histories worked to strengthen a network of individual amateur historians with a range of tours and networking events and the launch of a series of toolkits written by experts. The toolkits guide you through each step of your historical research project.

To download the free toolkits please visit our Learn Page here

266,000 people Audiences visited physical and digital exhibitions, tours and launch events.

254 people attended attended support surgeries, workshops and networking events

6 GM community groups Produced digital heritage exhibitions for Archives+ in Manchester Central Library