June 19, 2021 - February 3, 2022

Change The Record

Watch our workshop at the Children's History Conference at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2021, featuring our learning resources to help children and young people explore Alternative Histories and Heritage.


Young woman holding a banners saying equality Positivity & Harmony
Two young girls holding banners saying no more education funding cuts

Radical Reads: Helping Children and Young People explore Alternative Histories

Enjoy this recording of Manchester Histories’ Plenary Community Engagement Session, Change the Record, which explores Alternative Histories and Heritage with Children and Young People.

The session showcases the Peterloo & Radical Read Learning Resources and involves presentations from the People’s History Museum and the Politics Project.

The Biennial Conference of the Children’s History Society, was hosted by Manchester Centre for Youth Studies and the History Research Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University.

The three-day conference brought together colleagues form across the historical disciplines, from Antiquity to the contemporary period, to ask how children and young people in the past have shaped protest movements, spoken up and spoken out.