Online event

January 1, 2021 - December 21, 2022

Manchester Histories Salons

Join us as we explore the histories of topics you are passionate about in our online Salons.

Our online salons are fascinating hour-long discussions on the histories of topics we’re passionate about. Our guest speakers for each salon are experts, academics and practitioners.


We will be taking a break from the spring / summer 2022 salon series to deliver Manchester Histories Festival 2022 on The History of Climate Change: Past – Present – Future, 9-12 June 2022.  We will be hosting a series of talks, activities and exhibitions so don’t forget to check out the festival programme, coming soon!

Salon Recordings

If you missed any of our previous salons, or would like to enjoy them again, you can click on any of the links below.

Manchester Histories Autumn / Winter 2021 Salon Recordings

Panto – Oh Yes It Is! with Dr Claire Robinson and Dr Victoria Garlick

Roman & Medieval Manchester with Dr Mike Nevell and Ian Miller

Models of Medicine with Stephanie Seville and Jan Campbell

Nation of Shopkeepers  with Professor Hannah Barker and Dr Michala Hulme

Manchester Histories Spring / Summer 2021 Salon Recordings

Pets and Pet Loss with Professor Julie-Marie Strange and Diane James of Blue Cross charity

Migration and Communities with Dr Carl Emery and Dr Rachel Lichtenstein

Death and Mourning with Dr Michala Hulme and Dr Sam McCormick

Environmental Campaigning and Access to Green Spaces with Dr Jenna Ashton and Helena Craig of Black2Nature