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June 9, 2024 - June 9, 2024

Day 4: Sunday 9th June 2024. Celebration Day – Walk – Historic Footprints

John Piprani - Historic Footprints.

Bloom Tent Alan Gilbert Square, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester , M13 9NR

11am and 1.15pm: John Piprani – Historic Footprints (appx 1 hour)                         

Start: Bloom Tent Alan Gilbert Square, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9NR   

Join John Piprani, The University of Manchester and Dr Tereza Ward on this fascinating walk, discover a demolished synagogue beneath the Contact Theatre car park, and hear visitors’ voice recordings from the 1960s. Reminisce with Miriam Lorkins about a former corner shop on Dilworth Street in the 1970s. Finish nearby at Big Hands bar, where owner Rafe Conn will discuss how it was built on the old synagogue’s footprint, with refreshments available.