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June 9, 2024, 4:00 pm - June 9, 2024, 6:00 pm

Day 4: Sunday 9th June 2024 – Celebration Day – Panel Conversations

A Forgotten Wartime Tragedy: 80 Years after the 1943 Bengal Famine with Anindita Ghosh, Professor of Modern Indian History. The University of Manchester.

The Theatre Lounge, Student Unions Building. Oxford Rd, Manchester , M13 9PR

4pm—6pm: A Forgotten Wartime Tragedy: 80 Years after the 1943 Bengal Famine.


Joy Banerjee: Paris based independent film maker; broadcaster and journalist for French TV

Dr Diya Gupta: Lecturer in Public History at City, University of London

Joseph Manock: PhD student, Department of History, University of Manchester

Sujatro Ghosh: Multidisciplinary artist and activist, currently based in Berlin

Apu Chowdhury: Theatre actor, director and founder of Ayna Arts




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Join us as we remember the devastating Bengal Famine of 1943, a man-made catastrophe that claimed the lives of millions in the Indian subcontinent. Often overlooked in Western discourse, this ‘forgotten Holocaust’ is now gaining recognition as historians uncover Britain’s role in exacerbating the crisis through military interventions. With estimates of about 4 million lives lost, the impact was life-changing for the community and the region.

The session features a documentary film screening, a panel discussion a Q&A session, and an invitation for you to share your memories of 1943.

Please be aware

This conversation discusses the Bengal Famine, a historical event marked by profound suffering and loss of life. The details may be distressing for some people. If you find this topic challenging, please feel free to step away or seek support if needed.