What we do

We develop our work in partnership with communities, academics, volunteers, artists and organisations, so our work manifests itself in response to the people we work with and for.

As a result, Manchester Histories creates work that is innovative, creative and different. Our work focuses on our four aims, which forms the foundation of what we do and they reflect our values of compassion, curiosity and justice.

Our Vision - What we are striving for

To explore and share Greater Manchester’s past to create a fairer future.
Panel discussing Peterloo and democracy with audience in Manchester Central Library

Our Mission - What we are here to do

Manchester Histories works collaboratively to reveal and celebrate the stories of the people and places of Greater Manchester. We connect people through histories and heritage to explore the past and shape the future, valuing all voices in the telling, preserving, and celebrating of our stories.
Young woman expressing herself at Hidden Histories event

Our Values - What we believe in

Our values are inspired by the histories and heritage of Greater Manchester and the people who live and work in this region, who continually demonstrate their curiosity about the world, radical thought, compassion for others and commitment to social justice. Manchester Histories values informed histories and heritage that reflect: COMPASSION: We value empathy and understanding for others, for ourselves and for the planet. CURIOSITY: We value the creative power of wonder in how we experience the world and how we understand the past. JUSTICE: We value fairness as a motivator for action.
People singing and playing instruments at Protest Music RNCM

Our Aims

The four aims will deliver Manchester Histories’ mission, vision and values:

Connecting people through histories and heritage

Aim One

Manchester Histories will deliver unique events, projects and networks that connect people through histories and heritage. • Manchester Histories Experiences • Manchester Histories Festival • History Salons • Walking Histories • HiDDEN Network
People listening to an audio file on headphones

Aim Two

Reaching new audiences in new ways: Manchester Histories will bring creative innovation to how we tell our stories to engage new audiences. We believe that history is for everyone, and it is our job to ensure it is relevant to peoples’ lives: • A new website for Manchester Histories • Developing our digital capacity and skills • A new home at Manchester Central Library
Musician Playing Guitar in Manchester Central Libaray

Aim Three

Building resilience and continuing to thrive: Manchester Histories will develop our infrastructure, resources, people and partnerships to deliver our ambitious aims: • Training and supporting our people • Growing our team • Delivering our Funding Action Plan • Developing new income streams • Friends of Manchester Histories • Heritage Compass Business Support Programme
People around a table talking about the Manchester Hill project

Aim Four

Creating a sustainable and fair future for everyone: Manchester Histories will create opportunities to learn from the past and create a better future to benefit our local and global communities: • Histories of Disabled People • Championing Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion • Reducing our Carbon Footprint
montage of Manchester Histories activities

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