‘A Tap, a Click, and a Thump’ Artists

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Caro C playing a keyboard a woman with blue hair glasses and wearing black

Caro C  


Caro C is an electronic music artist, praised as a "sonic enchantress" by BBC Radio 3. She dives into a wide spectrum of electronic music, ranging from serene ambient soundscapes to rhythmic bass driven beats. Caro C’s work extends to various mediums including film, theatre, and dance, and she has captivated audiences with live performances throughout Europe. With over 25 years of experience in the sphere of crafting electronic music and sound, Caro C is an artist expressing humanity via technology, communicating to and from the heart.  

Caro instigated Delia Derbyshire Day, a charity dedicated to addressing inequalities in the electronic arts and honouring the work of electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire (1937-2001). Delia's archive arrived at The University of Manchester around the same time as Caro arrived in Manchester in 2007, and as Caro suspected this gem of electronic music heritage has acted as a rich source of inspiration and education as Delia Derbyshire Day has so far worked with over 100 schools and 18 emerging artists.  

Image of Elisa a women with dark curly hair wearing a clack dress

Elisa Artesero


Elisa Artesero is an award-winning Manchester-based visual artist creating light and text artworks within different environments at a range of scales. She has exhibited across the UK, and internationally, including Iceland, France, Montenegro and the Faroe Islands. She often works with industrial materials to represent our more earthly presence in the world, and light and shadow to represent the more ephemeral part of our nature.  

Much of Elisa’s artwork is in the public realm, so the way that people encounter, under-stand, and interact with it is of paramount importance. The purpose of most of her art is to slow people down from their distracted daily life and be more present in the moment, leaving space for the unexpected, or even, a little bit of magic. 

Image of Sarah a woman with short hair smiling with a blue top on

Sarah Keirle


Sarah Keirle is an electroacoustic composer and singer based in Manchester, UK. Her compositions have been showcased at various prestigious festivals, exhibitions, and conferences worldwide, such as the ICMC, BEaST FEAST, MANTIS, Espacios Sonoros, and ArtHouse Jersey. Her works have also been released by Empirica Records and ABLAZE Records.  

In September 2020, Sarah started an AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council) funded PhD in electroacoustic composition at The University of Manchester. Her research focuses on the use of animal sounds within electroacoustic composition to create new sonic means for conservation awareness, public engagement, and nature connection.   

Image of Nico playing a keyboard black & white photo

Nico Garcia-Peguinho


Nico Garcia-Peguinho is currently pursuing a master's degree in Electroacoustic Composition and Interactive Media at the NOVARS research centre, The University of Manchester. He also completed his undergraduate degree at The University of Manchester, a city which has significantly shaped his creative practice. Nico's music is a captivating blend of algorithmic composition and intricate arrangements, described as both tender and pressurising.  

The artists would like to thank Guillaume Dujat, Erin Beeston, James Sumner, Move Manchester (Dance Company), Museum of Science and Industry for Baby computer recordings, Coolicon Lighting for Caro’s collection of lampshades for their assistance and support.