Your Home, Your Voice, Your Place

Manchester Histories is excited to launch a new project in partnership with Great Places Housing Group, Oldham

By Karen Shannon · October 6, 2022

Your Home, Your Voice, Your Place is a celebration of community, home and personal history.  It brings together an incredible collection of artwork and oral histories from residents, visitors and neighbours of Crossley, Dew Way, Fitton Hill and Primrose Bank in Oldham.

Throughout Feb – July 2023, members of these Oldham communities shared their memories with oral historian Heather Roberts, and worked alongside artists Katie McKeever, Laura Jones and Millie Shepherd, to produce a unique archive of recordings, film, art and craft.

The artwork, film, photography and poetry created throughout the project will be exhibited at Gallery Oldham, 16 September – 2 December 2023.  The oral recordings will be archived by Manchester Histories and Great Places, and eventually at Oldham Local Studies and Archives when the new building is ready. 

There will also be a book to celebrate the end of the project and bring all these wonderful contributions from the community together. 

‘Your Home, Your Voice, Your Place’ marks the 10th anniversary of Inspiral’s Gateways to Oldham housing and regeneration project. The exhibition is produced by award-winning charity Manchester Histories in partnership with Great Places Housing Group.


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