Your Home, Your Voice, Your Place

We are thrilled to announce the launch of 'Your Home, Your Voice, Your Place' exhibition at Gallery Oldham, a creative history project in collaboration with Great Places Housing Group.

By Janine Hague · September 14, 2023

Saturday 16 September – Saturday 2 December 2023

FREE exhibition in Gallery 4 at Gallery Oldham, 35 Greaves St, Oldham OL1 1AL

 Your Home, Your Voice, Your Place is a celebration of community, home and personal history.  It brings together an incredible collection of artwork and oral histories from residents, visitors and neighbours of Crossley, Dew Way, Fitton Hill and Primrose Bank.

Throughout February – July 2023, members of these Oldham communities have shared their memories with oral historian Heather Roberts, and worked alongside artists Katie McKeever, Laura Jones and Millie Shepherd, to produce a unique archive of recordings, film, art and craft.

Inspired by the themes of ‘home’ and ‘memories’, local people have painted a picture of Oldham’s ever-evolving landscapes and communities. Where ‘home’ is seen as a place where people feel a deep sense of connection and belonging.

These rich personal stories fill in the gaps that formal history books often overlook and create an important legacy for future generations to connect to their own heritage and that of others across Oldham.

Your Home, Your Voice, Your Place marks the 10th anniversary of Inspiral’s Gateways to Oldham housing and regeneration project. The exhibition is produced by award-winning charity Manchester Histories in partnership with Great Places Housing Group.