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An opportunity to express and record your views on the statues, monuments, place names, plaques and architecture that occupy the public spaces of Manchester.

If you are unable to book your own online dedicated slot via Eventbrite to express your views about the monuments, statues, place names and other features of Manchester's public spaces, then you can also send us your views on video using any smartphone.

To help us get the best footage, please see the top tips below.

Please send your video file via WeTransfer: To:

Subject: Mobile Content, with your name and contact details in the body of the email.

By sending us your video, you are giving us permission to use it. It may be used as part of a short film giving a range of views about the issue.

This event is part of a consultation by Manchester City Council:
'Histories, stories, voices' consultation into public art | Help us reflect on Manchester’s History in our public spaces? | Manchester City Council. To take part in the survey click here.

Top Tips:

  • get someone to help you film if needed
    • prepare or think about what you want to say before you start filming
    • always film in landscape (see image above) so that the format is set correctly when you playback
    • set the scene - think about the backdrop of your shot, make it interesting, relatable to what you are saying if possible
    • avoid having a window or light source behind you, or you will be silhouetted
    • adjust your brightness - set it to high so you can see clearly what you’re filming
    • use airplane mode - you don’t want to be interrupted by calls, messages or alerts
    • battery - start with a full battery
    • storage - videos use a lot of space so make sure you have enough memory

  • focus - lock your focus in place by tapping and holding on the screen where you want the focus to be
  • stability - use both hands, a selfie stick or a portable tripod or get someone else to film you
  • zoom - move closer for better quality, rather than using the zoom
  • sound - move closer or use the smartphone headphones as a microphone, or an external microphone if you have one
  • light - record in a location where there is as much light as possible
  • wipe your lens - clean your lens with a lint free cloth to avoid marks on your video
    • if you involve anyone else in your film, you must make sure you have their consent to use their image
    • be aware of any third party images in the background that may require copyright

Landscape mobile phone

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